Our Team

We are a team.

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Our Team

We are a team.

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Our working culture.

We like to think of W3 as a community of nerds eager to discover knowledge, develop ideas and share experiences as a team.We give our best to make W3 a place where employees are in constant personal and professional development. We work horizontally with the vision that W3 is a place where everyone's ideas are welcome and valued.

Building impressive teams

When creating a team, decisions must be made at two separate levels.

Individual level. Having a pool of excellent people available comes down to hiring practices. Good things come to those who wait; it is paramount to avoid hiring candidates hastily when the need arises, but to hire top talent or people who we believe have the potential to become key parts of our team.

Team dynamics. The golden rule is to have cross-functional teams in constant interaction. To create great software, teams should be made up of a combination of developers, designers, UI/UX experts, creatives and leadership. Diversity is key: good teams are made up of different mindsets, cultures, genders, aspirations, inspirations, backgrounds, etc.

Communication is also essential, that's why we have formal and informal meetings on a regular basis and we have several communication channels


As a team we decide and contribute on what benefits we want to have.
These are some of the benefits we have today:

100% remote work and hybrid option for those who live in Buenos Aires.
Flexible schedules.
Open budget to propose what we want.
Languages. English classes.
Lunch on paydays at the office, empanadas are on W3.
Games. Fridays are trivia games, winners get a picada.
Recreational activities. On Sundays we go biking around the city!

Our welcome kit includes everything you need to work from home:
Laptop, headset, backpack, notebook and extras.


Want to know more about us?

What is the best thing about working at W3?

Our team members are eager to share their experiences at W3.

Andreína Casabiel

UI Designer

From the 2 years I have been at W3, I would like to highlight the incredible work environment and the great team we have, we are a family. As an experience, I have grown personally and professionally.

Gonzalo Lago

Web Designer / UI

W3 is the company where I developed as a professional in the web environment since before I was dedicated to graphics design. The best thing is undoubtedly the familiar treatment, the environment and trust.

Lorena Arancibia

Tester QA

With the onset of the pandemic I had to make a career change and joined the Testing career so W3 is my first experience in IT and with an excellent working environment.

Ivan Genes

Backend Developer

I am working at W3 since 2019 and I am currently working as a Backend Technical Reference. What I value most about this experience is the community we are creating, the people.

Sergio Risposi


I have just graduated as a systems analyst and I am currently starting my career in the IT area. What stands out the most at W3 is the work methodology and the work environment.


Tools and technologies

We care about staying at the leading edge of the technology market, we always keep up to date and work with the best existing technologies. existing technologies.

We are constantly discovering tools that allow us to deliver value to our customers, always guaranteeing excellent performance and support. excellent performance and support.

Tecnologías aplicadas en W3
Tecnologías aplicadas en W3
Tecnologías aplicadas en W3
Tecnologías aplicadas en W3
Tecnologías aplicadas en W3
Tecnologías aplicadas en W3
Tecnologías aplicadas en W3
Tecnologías aplicadas en W3
Tecnologías aplicadas en W3
Tecnologías aplicadas en W3
Tecnologías aplicadas en W3
Tecnologías aplicadas en W3
 Circuíto de trabajo


How we work.

At W3 we focus on best practices and adaptive work methodologies. We recognize time as a valuable resource, so we apply agile work systems that help us deliver value early and build the right product in the right way.

  • Open Space
  • Design Sprint
  • Extreme Programming
  • Calidad
  • TDD
  • Automation