Team dynamics

These are some of the activities and events we use to enhance our teamwork culture

Constant feedback

Constant and effective feedback is a powerful source of information that impacts performance, happiness, team performance, happiness, engagement and satisfaction. It is key that at W3 we have different instances of feedback, both formal and informal, and with different teammates.

Learning in W3

At W3 we take learning very seriously, in fact, one of the main purposes of W3 is to be a place to work where people can continually grow professionally and learn every day. where people can continually grow professionally and learn every day. We bring agility and innovation to every corner of our structure. Continuing education education benefits the team by helping them acquire new skills and feel fulfilled; simultaneously, this impacts positively on the organization, simultaneously, this has a positive impact on the organization.


Agile Talks

#TECH Community

Testing Community

SCRUM Academy

These are team spaces where we share knowledge, personal and company perspectives. The topics are diverse but valuable.


On the W3 blog we share valuable knowledge with our community. As a teammate, you are invited to get inspired, bring out your inner author and write a blog post. We love to engage with the with the tech community and it's great to contribute to the blogs. It's also a great reason to research and learn about something that interests you.

Technology courses

One of the main purposes of W3 is to be a workplace where you can continually grow professionally and learn every day. and learn every day. Continuing education helps us to acquire new skills and feel skills and feel fulfilled.


When someone at W3 has some extra time or is on standby between projects, we encourage them to investigate new technologies and methodologies. new technologies and methodologies ... and share them with the team in After Nerd or in a blog post!

Book Club

We created the W3 library and stocked it with valuable books for our team to read and learn from while keeping up to date.

Community activities

Team dynamics are activities that promote a sense of belonging. We believe that powerful teams are made up of colleagues who not only work together, but also have fun together and enjoy spending time together.

Team lunch

Every month's payday is team day! That's why we organized a Team Lunch. We ordered some delicious empanadas to share and had some fun. and have some fun. The best part of the year is spring and summer because we can eat outside on our beautiful patio.

Team activities

From time to time we organize fun activities such as barbecues, after office, board games, trivia, bike rides, rural getaways, etc.. We will let you know through Discord, Whatsapp or personally. You should come... it's fun!

The Weekly

The Weekly is a weekly 50-minute meeting created to bring the remote team together. It's a short break where we synchronize about the week's highlights of the week and chat with each other building strong relationships even when we are away from home.

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